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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Measuring Success and Driving Growth

Businesses are constantly striving to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their goals efficiently. To do this, organizations need clear and measurable metrics to assess their performance accurately. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a pivotal role in evaluating the success of a business, department, or individual and are crucial for making informed decisions and […]

KRA KPI in Appraisal System

Pivotal Role of KRA/KPI in Appraisal System

Performance strategy should be evaluated not only to improve employee performance but also to determine whether the work aligns with the company goals while allowing the employees to grow and produce better results. However, 77% of HR believe that performance reviews aren’t an accurate representation of employee performance. So, where is it going wrong? Performance management helps […]

Difference between tax brackets and tax rates in India

Paying taxes is a crucial part of any functioning society, and understanding the tax system is crucial for all taxpayers. Two important concepts in the Indian tax system are tax brackets and tax rates. With our experience of dealing with employees many a time these concepts are not understood by them, especially employees who are […]

Salary Structure in india

Key Components of Creating Salary Structure in India

Creating a salary structure in India typically involves the following key components: What is a salary structure? Salary Structure refers to the different pay grades, salary ranges and the hierarchy of these pay grades. Salary structure is one of the most important factors that determine how much an employee earns. Salary structure can be defined […]

Positive Work Culture

5 Pillars for Building a Positive Work Culture

Whether you’re a small business owner or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you should be aware of the importance of building a positive work culture. Research has shown that businesses with positive work cultures are more likely to succeed. In fact, one study found that 90% of companies with high-performing cultures outperformed the […]

Importance of Human resources planning

Importance of human resources planning

Human resources planning is the process of identifying an organization’s future human resource needs and determining how to meet those needs. It is a crucial aspect of managing a business, as it helps ensure that the right people with the right skills are in the right place at the right time to meet the organization’s […]

Top HR challenges in IT Industry

Top HR challenges in the IT Industry

The Information Technology (IT) industry is a driving force behind innovation, development, and change in the fast-paced world of modern business. Human Resources (HR) plays a critical role in addressing the particular issues that the IT business faces in the present tech-driven world. HR professionals in the IT industry have to go through a number […]

Top HR challenges in Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is one of the most vibrant industries in the world. It is always striving to find new ways to help people and make them healthy. However, with this constant development and change comes many challenges for HR professionals. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the top healthcare challenges that […]

Common HR challenges faced by growing Organization

Common HR challenges faced by growing Organization

There are several challenges that a growing organization faces when it comes to managing human resources, the growing organization always has a cost constraint to spend on the HR department, and they may not have qualified HR professionals to manage their Human Resource Department. Some of the common Human Resource Management issues growing organization faces […]

Human Resource Management issues in small businesses

Human resource management is the process of hiring, motivating and retaining employees. It involves the tasks of developing a strategic human resource plan that includes objectives, goals and strategies. The HR department needs to ensure that their company is equipped with all the necessary resources so that they can meet their business objectives efficiently and […]

HR Policies

HR Policies: Guide to managing your people Professionally

In the absence of an HR Policy, the organization may face certain issues like increased indiscipline, labour laws violations and employee dissatisfaction. It is a well-established fact that nowadays many organizations are trying to grow their business. Thus, it becomes necessary for them to hire more people to function effectively. But hiring more people can […]

Mentoring Program at Workplace

Tips and Key Steps to create Mentoring Program at Workplace

When an adviser or mentor offers advice to a mentee, they impart valuable experience, skills, and information. Building a mentorship program in the company opens up educational opportunities for employees, allowing them to progress in their professions while fostering a positive corporate culture. This article will go through how to set up a mentorship program […]

5 Essential workplace mentoring programs to be created

5 Essential workplace mentoring programs to be created

When most people think about mentoring programs, the typical one-on-one interaction between a seasoned leader and an employee comes to mind. While mentoring is a popular program, it comes in various forms and can be tailored to your organization’s needs. We’ll go over five distinct sorts of mentorship programs you may bring to your workplace […]

people talk future hr skills

Top Future skills that every HR professional should learn

HR managers and employees must be able to adjust to changing technology as the world becomes increasingly digital. You’re expected to do much more than ever before, whether that’s managing data in the cloud, functioning on the go using mobile devices and tablets, or communicating with people through social networking sites. HR professionals are required […]

What your monthly HR Operations Dashboard should include

What your monthly HR Operations Dashboard should include?

While gut instinct and experience might help you make a decision, they shouldn’t be your only source of Information. In HR, you must make better, more educated decisions by utilising your data. To do so, you’ll need to gather and organise data so that it allows you to develop actionable insight that you can use […]

Top HR trends in 2022

Top HR Trends in 2022

The HR industry went through numerous changes in the past few years. Indeed, the rising desire for diversity in firms, the worldwide pandemic, and remote working have all influenced HR operations. The epidemic has altered the way we work whereas 2021 was a year for HR to reinvent itself and consolidate its new role, 2022 […]

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