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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Measuring Success and Driving Growth

Businesses are constantly striving to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their goals efficiently. To do this, organizations need clear and measurable metrics to assess their performance accurately. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a pivotal role in evaluating the success of a business, department, or individual and are crucial for making informed decisions and […]

KRA KPI in Appraisal System

Pivotal Role of KRA/KPI in Appraisal System

Performance strategy should be evaluated not only to improve employee performance but also to determine whether the work aligns with the company goals while allowing the employees to grow and produce better results. However, 77% of HR believe that performance reviews aren’t an accurate representation of employee performance. So, where is it going wrong? Performance management helps […]

HR KPIs to be measured – What exactly are HR KPIs?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential factors used to evaluate a company’s performance. You can establish whether you’re still on track to meet your goals with the help of well-defined KPIs. This strategy can be applied to your HR policies as well. But, in HR, what are the most significant KPIs? And, in practice, how […]

Reshaping HR to manage hybrid work culture

Reshaping HR to manage hybrid work culture

The gradual return to work will be gradual, and not all employees will be able to return to work simultaneously. As a result, a hybrid working model will emerge, with some employees working from the office and others from home, or a combination of the two. During this time, HR professionals will face a variety […]

How can you make your HR more Approachable?

One of HR’s most important responsibilities is to resolve internal conflicts and concerns, which if they can’t do no one wants to employ them as mediators. When your employees are aware of the fact that they can turn to the HR department with concerns, they will seek expert assistance rather than attempting to resolve significant […]

Prevent Employee Burnout

Prevent Employee Burnout from Work from home and Online calls

Burnout is defined as a state of utter physical, mental, and emotional weariness that prevents a person from performing even basic daily chores, let alone working to their full ability. Why is Employee Burnout Prevention necessary? Aside from the humane reasons behind pushing for Employee Burnout Prevention, there are significant organizational benefits. Burnout causes a […]

People Connected with hr shared services

What are HR shared services & the benefits of HR shared services?

HR departments can benefit from using an hr shared services model to deliver services to employees more quickly and effectively. It provides an opportunity to decouple the operational from the strategic, allowing each department to provide the best possible employee experience. Let’s take a closer look at HR shared services, including their benefits and limitations, […]

managers meeting

Build effective training program for first-time managers

We have seen the promotion trap in the corporate companies, right? Where a manager is promoted for being good at a job. Not because he is a good manager. The chosen individuals mainly for the new managers are the older employees with higher ambitions and more significant success goals.  But, why is it essential to […]

employee showing potential

How to measure the potential of an employee?

“Potential is a priceless treasure, like gold. All of us have gold hidden within, but we have to dig to get it out.” -Joyce Meyer Did you know that as per the latest surveys conducted it has been discovered that potential employees are 91% more valuable to any organization than non-high potential employees? This just […]