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HR in Small Business

Does your small business need an HR Department?

The human resources department is an important part of any company, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that small business owners need a great HR department just as much as their large counterparts do. Fortunately for them, it isn’t necessary to hire an entire team of specialists in order to get the benefits which come […]

Top HR challenges in IT Industry

Top HR challenges in the IT Industry

The IT industry is growing rapidly with new technologies and innovations, which has created a huge demand for skilled professionals. The challenge in this industry is to attract, retain and engage top talent. Because of the scarcity of talent in this industry and high demand, HR has to be always on their toes to deliver […]

How HR can help build the organization of the future

How HR can help build the organization of the future

Introduction The HR function is one of the most important parts of any organization. It helps to create vision and culture, build structure and ecosystem that enables scaling up as well as reskilling talent. It also allows decision-makers to make better decisions by providing information about talent, culture etc. HR helps to create and support […]

What your monthly HR Operations Dashboard should include

What your monthly HR Operations Dashboard should include?

While gut instinct and experience might help you make a decision, they shouldn’t be your only source of Information. In HR, you must make better, more educated decisions by utilising your data. To do so, you’ll need to gather and organise data so that it allows you to develop actionable insight that you can use […]

Reshaping HR to manage hybrid work culture

Reshaping HR to manage hybrid work culture

The gradual return to work will be gradual, and not all employees will be able to return to work simultaneously. As a result, a hybrid working model will emerge, with some employees working from the office and others from home, or a combination of the two. During this time, HR professionals will face a variety […]

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