Our Story

The "Why"
behind Emgage

A lot of people ask me “Why do we build Emgage?” I agree, there are plenty of HRMS options out there, but the problem is, none of them are built keeping in mind the challenges of growing startups or SMEs or their founders!

When I joined a two-member HR team as the HR Manager of a growing tech company, we struggled big time in implementing HR processes and an HRMS platform owning to the complexities of the platform, limited knowledge, and (of course) the bandwidth!

The challenges grew 3x fold when I started my own HR consulting & outsourcing firm, years later! We were using spreadsheets and documents to keep up with Payroll and processes. A ton of stuff was slipping through the cracks.

Our customers weren’t happy, and neither were we! So I looked for a better solution. Unfortunately, what I found was that the HRMS platforms available in the market were way more than our small yet growing business needed, and costly too. Packed with features that we’d never use, the HRMSs I tried were all complex and overwhelming.

That’s when and why the ‘Emgage’ was born!

Emgage is a simple yet powerful HRMS platform for growing businesses that helps you and your HR team deliver exceptional employee experience. We built it with a minimal feature set that your business needs and left out everything else!

No clutter. No complexity. No extra features to confuse and overwhelm you and your employees. I’m proud to say that Emgage is the product that I wish existed back when I was looking for the perfect small business HRMS. And I’m also proud that our 50+ customers agree.

Whether you’re ready to move on from the physical documents and spreadsheets, or you’re fed up with complex HRMS software, I hope you’ll give Emgage a try.

I’m confident that you’ll love it and it will make your team more productive and your employees happier!

Surendra Varma
Founder & CEO

Give it a shot, and email me at surendra.varma@emgage.work to let me know what you think.

P.S. If you’d like to join a growing community of 10,000+ HR practitioners and learn more about our experiences as a growing SaaS business and get tips to help you on your path to growth, check out the Emgage Blogs.

Our Core Values​

Our Team​

We work as one team, both with each other and our clients—to direct our collective efforts toward achieving the extraordinary!


We only work on things that add significant value to our customers or the company. It’s not on our tasklist if it has no outcome tagged to it.


Owning it up​

We take accountability, we get it done, we own mistakes. We stand next to you, come what may. Simply put,
we own it up!

Enough of talking?
It’s time to experience ‘Emgage’!