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Top Global Talent management trends in 2022

Top Global Talent management trends in 2022

The HR industry went through numerous changes in the past few years. Indeed, the rising desire for diversity in firms, the worldwide pandemic, and working from home have influenced HR operations. The epidemic has altered the way we work; whereas 2021 was a year for HR to reinvent itself and consolidate its new role, 2022 […]

conducting Exit interviews

Importance of conducting Exit interviews

Employees will quit no matter how amazing your company culture is, how great your learning and development program is, or how great your business leaders are. You won’t be able to keep every employee, especially in this day and age, whether it’s for a change of employment, to care for their newly formed family, or […]

one on one meetings

Why should Founders make one-on-one meetings a regular exercise with their team?

People will make up their narrative in the lack of information. Here’s why communication is so crucial in the business world. The need for efficient communication—not just with your staff but also with your investors, board members, vendors, and partners—is one of the most underappreciated issues in entrepreneurship. People’s imaginations instinctively gravitate to a worst-case […]

man using computer at work from home

Empowering Work from Home & Increasing Accountability!

The first quarter of 2020 was one that no one was prepared for & no one would forget! In an era when businesses operate by conducting constant follow-ups with their team and the requirement of submitting day end reports, organizations were forced to switch to the Work from the Home platform. It goes without saying […]