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Why your startup needs structured HR

Start-ups are known for not having a structured HR department.

Startups are small businesses with a limited workforce that are focused on growth and innovation and initially they are focused on creating or improving a product or service, generating revenue, and entering new markets.

Startups are generally known for not having a structured HR department. Often times, founders will hire employees to work directly for them in lieu of delegating HR responsibilities to another employee.

However, as the business grows, it’s important to invest in an organized HR system that can keep up a pace with growth and allows founders to focus on growing the business than chocking their bandwidth in operational issues.

Building HR function in start-ups is very critical

HR is critical for Startups at every stage of their development. As founder or leader in a growing startup, you would have no doubt realised the importance of hiring great people. You will want to attract and retain the best talent available. That’s where HR comes in!

Start-ups need to build and refine their culture from day one. A clear vision and long-term strategy that aligns with all of your business objectives is key – but it needs time to be developed by HR.

As you hire more people, HR can help ensure that you are able to attract the right talent for your organisation, as well as manage employee relations and performance management processes.

Many times, small businesses struggle with legal matters like wage rates and compliance with labour laws.

Often these issues arise because business owners don’t have sufficient knowledge about labour law or HR practices in general, so they cut corners in order not to waste money on a professional who could guide them through the process painlessly.

Timely advice from an experienced HR professional can help ensure that your company complies with local labour laws without having to worry about potential lawsuits and fines down the line

Creating a personalised human resource structure at an organization is key to efficient running of operations

Creating a personalised human resource structure at an organization is key to efficient running of operations.

The human resource department is the backbone of every startup. It ensures that every employee, from top to bottom has a focus on the company’s objectives and goals, as well as proper training and development plans to ensure they are able to reach those goals.

A lot of new entrepreneurs do not believe in hiring HR personnel until their business has outgrown its small-scale beginnings, but this is a mistake.

HR can help you in more ways than you can imagine – they are the soul of any organization.

A professional work environment is required to attract quality talent

A properly structured HR department within your company is important for several reasons. A professional working environment is required to attract quality talent, and it will ensure that you are in compliance with all labour laws (this is particularly important if you have employees from multiple countries).

If you aren’t able to hire a full time HR specialist, at the very least it’s important to outsource some of these tasks to an external contracting firm.

Structured HR helps small businesses to comply with labour compliances

Many small businesses don’t realise the importance of having a dedicated person to manage the human resources of their organisation.HR helps to comply with rules and regulations, manage employee relations, employee benefits, performance and engagement. Therefore, it is crucial for any organisation to have an HR process in place.



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