Payroll Management Software

Payroll Process Made Easy with Emgage!

Bid good-bye to complex spreadsheets, computation errors, and monthly headaches. Say ‘Hi’ to 100% compliance, on-time payroll, and stress-free month-ends with Emgage’s fully integrated, super easy, Payroll feature!

Faster Processing, Accurate Pay-outs

Once set, a click is all that you need to process payrolls. Create grade-wise employee classes, manage various allowances and incentives. However different salary structures or locations, manage payrolls all from one place!

From a ten-person startup to a thousand-person enterprise, Emgage’s Payroll module is built to address your unique needs.

Tax & Statutory Compliances

Emgage’s Payroll Platform is in sync with the Department of Income Tax and Labour Laws of India and other respective countries and all payroll compliances and Tax calculation like PF, ESIC, Professional tax, TDS calculator, LWF, etc. are auto-deducted as per the latest laws and amendments.


Get a checklist to keep a tab on where do you stand vis-a-vis the statutory compliance and generate challans for PF, ESI, PT, IT, LWF, Bonus, Gratuity, Form 16, Form 12B, Form 24Q etc., in the government recommended format, without having to fidget through different forms.

More than Just the Payroll!

Emgage not only makes a ‘Payday’ an ‘Easyday’ for you, your employees, and for your HR teams but empowers you all to do a lot and not just the Payroll!

Be it income tax calculators to investment declarations or loans and Salary advances, to reimbursements, Emgage empowers your employees to do a lot more than just downloading their salary slips.

Ontime Payroll, Everytime

Enhance Payroll Efficiency, accuracy and
Simplify Tax Management with Emgage’s Intuitive Payroll Software

Results, that matter!

Emgage helped 4C Group set up its entire HR department by defining policy, systems, and processes In Only 3 Weeks.