Confirmation & Separation

First Impressions or last, make them count!

Emgage’s confirmation & separation modules are designed to efficiently onboard or offboard employees.

Empower the HR team with access to critical information and tools so that they can enable employee integration and a smooth transition at equal ease.

Onboarding, onwards, and Upwards!

Emgage’s probation and confirmation feature help you set up your new hires for success and build an exceptional journey from day 0!

From setting up tailormade probation programs, review tracks, confirmations to performance improvement plans; Emgage’s all-digital onboarding suite gets the ground running!

Leave happily, ever after.

Emgage’s e employee offboarding feature ensures employees are heard and understood. From configuring the exit process as per the organization policy to setting up the multi-level clearance process, Emgage helps you provide a smooth separation process, all through.

A well-thought-through separation feature also lets you create an alumni community and manage succession planning, super efficiently!

Cumbersome F&Fs, thing of the past!

From configuring the separation letters, holding & processing payrolls to tracking the progress across all functions, Emgage’s automated separation process ensures “transparency for all”!

Emgage’s fully-integration confirmation and separation modules help you comply, garner intelligent insights, and provide a seamless experience to all parties, involved!

Results, that matter!

Emgaged helped 4C Group set up its entire HR department by defining policy, systems, and processes In Only 3 Weeks.
Emgage HRMS Client Case Study