HRMS, built for growing enterprises.

Emgage empowers people, automates HR processes to get you all-around productivity and happy employees.

And that’s why 50+ growing IT, ITeS, Healthcare, and Hospitality companies trust Emgage to transform all!

Emgage for Startups & SMEs

As your business grows, issues such as; scaling, managing processes and data, compliance, and workforce optimization also grow. With the increasing number of employees, managing human resources also becomes complicated.

From industry-specific SOPs to Outsourced HR Helpdesk, Emgage is designed to fulfill the needs of Startups and SMEs. Emgage’s features would not overwhelm you or your employees and deliver a convenient yet scalable experience as you grow!

Emgage for IT, ITeS, Healthcare, and Hospitality companies

Be it IT Services, ITes, Hospitals, or Hotels, an HRMS plays a key role in managing people, tracking attendance and working hours, processing payrolls, and managing compliances.

Emgage unlocks high-velocity teams in services-led setups by empowering teams with adaptable features, an open platform, and streamlined workflows.

Emgage for Sales-driven organizations

We get it, running HR for a sales-driven enterprise has its own challenges. Tracking attendance, managing expenses, measuring productivity, enabling seamless communication, and the list grows as you grow!

With Remote Punching, GPS-enabled App, and Integrated Expense Management features, Emgage helps you in managing a distributed workforce and building a future-fit enterprise.

Achieve ‘Extraordinary’ with Emgage!

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