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A question, what does an HRMS have to offer? Freedom, Collaboration, and Outcomes. Well, Emgage offers everything to support everyone from business owners, HR teams to every employee!

Do not take our word for it, find out how!


CEO & Business Owners

Above everything, a modern-day CEO wants to manage less and empower more. Be it navigating layoffs, reducing costs, engaging employees, or simply keeping up with compliances, leaders want their organization more nimble or agile.

From quick decision-making to compliance, and increased engagement to improved productivity, Emgage provides all that and more. Simply put, Emgage sits next to you as a partner, as you scale.

HR Team

Managing human resources is challenging, from completing basic and repetitive HR tasks manually or following the same boring processes time and time again.

With Emgage, HR Managers and the HR teams can easily automate almost all time-consuming and tedious activities, allowing them to focus on more value-adding activities.


Employees are at the core that forms your organization and needless to say that an HRMS that doesn’t put employees at its core is not an HRMS at all!

Designed for businesses of all sizes, Emgage is your only modern day, employee-centric HRMS that helps employee do more with less! The only HRMS Platform designed by HR practitioners that puts ‘employees’ at its core!

Don’t just take our word for it!

“We started using Emgage in 2018, and they have provided us with an incredible HRMS experience. Emgage has been extremely helpful in streamlining our HR processes. It’s practically automated our all manual work…

Chandresh Chudasama

CEO, Chudasama Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd.

“In addition to Emgage, a highly skilled team of HR professionals at BRIOS helped us in setting up the HR processes, put right systems and teams in place, designed KRAs and KPIs, that lead us to success in very short time.

Neeraj Kumar

CEO, ChannelPro

“We have been using Emgage HRMS system from 2 years. Their Payroll management features have helped us to get rid of paperwork and inaccuracy issues. It’s very userfriendly and was so easy to implement. 

Shardul Patel

CEO, 4C Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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