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What are HR shared services & the benefits of HR shared services?

HR departments can benefit from using an hr shared services model to deliver services to employees more quickly and effectively. It provides an opportunity to decouple the operational from the strategic, allowing each department to provide the best possible employee experience. Let’s take a closer look at HR shared services, including their benefits and limitations, […]

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Benefits of Outsourcing HR Department for MSME’s

HR duties may be overwhelming for small businesses with minimal workers. If you’re finding it challenging to manage essential parts of your organisation, you should consider seeking assistance. Many HR outsourcing services for small firms are tailored to help companies streamline operations, cut costs, and achieve their objectives. More on HR Outsourcing (HRO) HR outsourcing […]

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Determining what workforce your organization will require in the future?

Workforce planning is the process of analyzing the current workforce and forecasting the future staffing needs to perform effectively for years to come. It can serve as a rational foundation for establishing and funding HR programs that support its goals. The procedure should be simple at first, and it should reflect the organization’s size and complexity.  It’s time […]

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HR Analytics – Tool to make better people decision

You can reform numerous HR practices, such as recruiting, turnover, training, talent management, and performance management, by utilizing the functions of HR Analytics solutions. These technologies are essential for developing a data-driven HR model for your company. The routine process of engaging with data generated across the organization is one part of managing Human Resources. However, a lack […]

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Build effective training program for first-time managers

We have seen the promotion trap in the corporate companies, right? Where a manager is promoted for being good at a job. Not because he is a good manager. The chosen individuals mainly for the new managers are the older employees with higher ambitions and more significant success goals.  But, why is it essential to […]