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What are the factors that lead to HR outsourcing in small businesses?

Founders manage HR

Here are some of the factors that make HR outsourcing a good idea for small businesses:

The most common scenario for taking HR outsourcing a step further is when the founders manage HR themselves.

In this situation, there are two or more people in charge of leading a company and performing the duties of an HR team, which can be very time-consuming.

They might also have limited knowledge about HR matters (depending on their background) and may not feel fully equipped to do the job properly.

Another reason why they might consider outsourcing their HR function is that they need to focus on managing their core business activities instead of spending hours on non-core tasks such as payroll calculation, employee relations processes, etc.

Budget constraints to spend on HR

  • Cost of hiring an HR team
  • Cost of buying HR software
  • Cost of hiring a consultant to help you build your in-house HR team
  • Cost of outsourcing the entire HR process

If you have a decent budget and can afford to spend on hiring people and training them, then you should go for an in-house HR team.

But if you don’t have the budget for it, especially as a small business owner, then outsourcing is the best option as it will save both time and money.

With limited resources and time, some small business owners outsource the HR function

Many small business owners and HR managers have taken the time to assess their HR needs and have realized that outsourcing at least some of their HR functions can be an effective method of cost-cutting, but they need a solution that’s tailored to fit their specific situation.

Benefits of hiring an HR outsourcing Partner include:

  • Access to comprehensive human resources services, including benefits administration, management training, risk assessment/management, payroll processing and more.
  • Time savings — let your dedicated HRO specialist handle all of the tedious tasks such as compliance management so you can focus on running your company.

The knowledge base of the HR team in small business

Another major reason why small businesses outsource HR functions is to fill in the gaps in the knowledge base of their HR teams.

HR professionals working in small businesses do not have the necessary HR knowledge themselves, and even if they do, it often might not be enough.

This is because many laws and regulations keep changing from time to time; hence, HR needs to stay updated with all the changes that are taking place in his/her industry and make sure that it does not affect his/her company in any way.

This lack of knowledge about certain aspects of running An HR function becomes a major factor for many companies when making this decision.

Business continuity

There are many reasons a company might choose to outsource. Some of the most common? Not having enough staff to handle HR tasks, wanting to focus on other duties, and not having the budget or expertise to do it all in-house.

  • Business continuity. Your business can’t afford downtime. If you’re not sure your small business can handle HR tasks efficiently and consistently, it’s probably best to leave it up to professionals who understand that work should be completed at the top quality—and always on time.
  • Cost savings. Outsourcing your HR department is likely going to cost less than hiring someone in-house—particularly if your company doesn’t have the funds for an extensive employee benefits package or perks like a retirement plan and sick time.
  • Expertise: Human resource professionals are well-versed in all aspects of their field, often bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that many small businesses don’t have in their back pockets (or on payroll).

The HR function is people dependent on small business

HR is the most people-dependent function especially in small businesses as you do not have a backup for these roles.

That makes HR function more vulnerable and if the HR person leaves then founders need to recruit, and train HR professionals again they have to do this every 12 to 18 months and this does not allow them to focus on their core business and keeps them busy in managing people’s challenges.

An HR outsourcing provider can help you focus on running your business while they focus on managing your people.



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