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The Inevitable Change in Critical functions Post Covid19

As the calendar changed to 2020, and the new year dawned, an unexpected guest was waiting to welcome us all.

With 2020 also almost completing its term, nations globally have been battling the pandemic that has incessantly bought even the most advanced nations to their knees.

But, when there is so much disappointment that surrounds us, there is always that tiny ray of hope that comes in the form of positivity.

And, in the trying months of 2020, positivity came in the form of adopting new cultures in the professional world.

Technology, innovations and a plethora of changes swept the corporate world and gave us new coping mechanisms that helped industries and the workforce survive.

In this blog, we will take a look at how some of the major support functions will change post COVID19.

Human Resources

At the forefront of every change are the HR professionals, who in their true sense and meaning are the warriors driving the change.

For many companies on the whole the pandemic has acted as a catalyst and has reinvented the way future managers will work.

Remote working has successfully taken charge and almost 32% of organizations will replace full-time workers with remote employees.

This will help the company save costs. And, as this transition takes place, the HR team will have to be the ones driving it by training the members on new technology and chalking the new behavioural lingo that businesses will operate on.

Strengthening the three C’s which are communication, cooperation and coordination are what will help the HR shift into the post COVID19 working with ease. Sales Team: The other department that will witness a major change is the sales team.

Now, most organizations are still stuck with the definition of the door to door sales pitching, but clearly, this is something that will need to change. Some of the changes that will take place are with companies working to strategize and evaluate their target market.

In the post COVID19 time, the sales team will have to change their “one size fits all” ideology, and come up with a fierce model of thinking out of the box.

When face to face communication will be put on hold the entire sales team will also have to work closely with the marketing team so that they can work on digital marketing plans that portray their product and services in the best possible manner.

From field sales, companies will have to shift to inside sales which will mean keeping your existing customers happy at all times. The harmony between relationship building and technological skills is something that every sales member will have to master.

Facilities Management

One of the backbones of any business is the support team such as facilities management. The team that takes care of all owned or leased office spaces, warehouses and manufacturing units.

The initial goal of the facilities management team was to think of a short term, but post COVID19, it will be a more long term plan keeping on the forefront hygiene and safety.

The paradigm shift will involve them integrating their skills with technology to achieve optimum results. The core of handling the facilities well will depend entirely on how well they can work alongside Artificial Intelligence and smart technology.

IT Teams

With remote working becoming the new normal for most businesses post COVID19, a large burden has been levied upon the IT team.

As businesses gear up to get used to the new normal, the IT team will play a big role in making sure that the best digital platforms and communication platforms are used to keep the communication running.

From mapping the attendance via touch-free biometrics to giving contactless access control is something that will fall under the umbrella of the IT team.

For that matter ensuring proper screening through automated thermal cameras or detection of the mask-wearing face with the help of AI needs to be integrated by the IT team.

In all reality, in the days post COVID19, the advancement of your business will depend on how well your IT team can procure and implement the new aids and technology.

It is important to take note that the initial months post COVID19 will be as trying as the ones during it.

The main aspect is that businesses need to strengthen themselves by bringing the entire team on the same page.

Familiarity with technology and going back to the basics of core communication is the epicentre of all the changes that will be seen in the future.



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