Build cost-effective remote-friendly employee rewards

“People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and rewards.”– Dale Carnegie

It is true that when we work, as employees one of the biggest motivators is our monthly paycheque.

However, the one thing most of us may have realized with the onset of the pandemic is that meeting our colleagues and having those extended lunches was also a reward in some ways.

It is true that ideally in the current day and age, employees are willing to go that extra mile if they are given the right recognition and praise in the form of rewards.

Now, the tricky factor is that with most offices shut, HR really had to do some out of the box thinking to come up with rewards that can be given even as their team continues their hard work remotely.

This is why in this particular blog, we shall be discussing certain tips and ideas that can make your employees feel rewarded and recognized without burning a hole in your pockets. After all, more than the value of the reward, it is the thoughtfulness that counts.

Saying it video-call

Sometimes words are all one has to give appreciation and with most team members including the senior leadership team working remotely, various challenges have been faced.

In trying times like this even shooting a small appreciation video to thank the management team for not leaving their side, or to thank the working team members who drive the company goals can put a BIG smile on the face.

Play these video snippets in your weekly or monthly video meets and see how appreciation pays off.

Thanking them aromatically

At times of negative news cascading all around, spreading a little blooming cheer is necessary.

One reward that can be considered is sending your remote working team members a nice potted plant that can spread a little hope in trying times like this.

Sending the snail mail joy

In the era of email and the internet, how fascinating it is to receive a postcard or a letter with kind words of encouragement?

Remote working team members can be reminded that their hard work is not going unnoticed when a simple token of appreciation is sent to them by mail.

Say it with Emojis

The one universal language that we all understand is the language of emojis, which is why if one of your team members has done something commendable, think of an apt emoji to appreciate their feat and have them wear it next to their badge for a week. Trust us, a simple thing like this will also help lift their spirits commendably.

It’s a special delivery time

Remember how the entire office got together to celebrate your birthday or work anniversary?

We are sure with people working remotely all these special occasions are being missed! But, now HR can still show that they care by using delivery options to send maybe a cake, or a box of assorted cookies or chocolates to recognize the efforts of working team members.

Make them realize that being out of sight does not mean being out of recognition!

Stellar recognition

Appreciating a stellar team member onsite is easy, but how to go about it when working remotely?

Design an autonomous recognition software that can let all the team members know about the good performance showcased by an employee.

Reward them bonus points for every target achieved and entitled them to some reward upon the collection of maximum points.

The next time you come across dropping morales of your team, remember to keep in mind these tips and suggestions that can help bring them back on track.

There are a number of cost-effective ways in which you can do the same, but the end result will definitely be quantifiable. So, how do you plan on rewarding your remote workers?



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