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What are the features of attendance management software?

Attendance management software is a great way to automate your entire process of attendance. It helps you manage all of your employees and their schedules.

You can also use it for punch in and punch out, shift management, mobile attendance, employee self-service portal and complete MIS reports.

Biometric time and attendance system

A biometric time and attendance system is a system that uses biometric sensors to capture and store employee attendance data.

The system uses biometric data to identify employees by their unique physical characteristics.

It is easy to use, integrates easily with any HRMS  systems, and can be integrated with many different types of workforce management software,

Punch in and punch out of work

Attendance management software helps you to capture the punch-in and Punch data of your employee working at different places or one particular location.

It helps you to maintain the employee attendance data in one place which helps you to calculate their payroll at the end of the month.

Shift Management

Shift Management is a feature that allows you to manage all your employees’ shifts, including their availability and absence.

You can schedule shifts for employees and generate shift reports, including shift availability and absence reports.

This feature helps you manage employee attendance and absence in a single place so that it’s easy to find out who is on time or late at work every day.

Allowing an employee to choose when they want to work will help them understand their own personal needs better—and it’s also a good way of managing your team members’ schedules more effectively too!

Mobile Attendance

Mobile Attendance is a feature of attendance management software that allows you to access the attendance management system from your mobile phone.

It will enable you to punch in and punch out from your mobile phone. It also allows you to capture the attendance of your workforce working remotely or on the field.

Employee Self Service Portal

The employee self-service portal is a feature that allows employees to view their attendance records, pay slips and correction and regularization requests.

It also allows management to see from which location their team is punching in and out.

The portal also allows employees to view their annual leave balance so that they can take out any excess days required by the company.

Complete MIS Reports

Attendance Management software helps you to capture complete MIS Reports. The MIS reports include attendance reports, attendance summary, time and attendance reports, attendance reports and attendance summary.

The complete MIS report helps you to track and analyse your attendance data, absenteeism data, late coming/early going report, Total working hour report and workforce availability report.

An attendance management system helps you automate your entire process of attendance.

An attendance management system helps you automate your entire process of attendance. It helps you to manage your attendance records in a very efficient way.

It also helps you manage your workforce and prepare them for any kind of work or event they must attend.

The most important function of an attendance management system is that it allows users to keep track of all employees’ details like name, address, phone number etc.

which can be accessed anytime by any employee or manager.


We believe that attendance management is one of the most important factors in a modern business.

A good attendance management system will help you automate your entire process and make it more efficient, saving you time and money.

There are many benefits to using Attendance Management Software which has been developed by experts, If you are looking for an Attendance Management software feel free to schedule a call with our team of experts.



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