Performance Management Module

Team Emgage understands that the performance management is so much more than the end of the year appraisal, it's about translating individual goals into results.

Emgage's comprehensive performance management module helps you to focus on individual employees, as well as on teams, programs, processes, and the organization as a whole.

Our Approach

Even before implementing Emgage, we try understanding your core purpose, strategic priorities and key performance indicators (KPIs). We sit with you and review your workforce and workload, and most importantly the current performance.
This helps us in putting right measurement strategies in place, customizing Emgage further to attain your organizational objectives.


  • Performance Cycle & Management
  • Create multiple appraisal cycles. Manage and evaluate employee performance through goal based, KRA/KPI based or competency-based assessment.

  • Performance Review & Promotions
  • Ability to create Quarterly, Half-yearly or annual performance review cycle. Nominating employees for promotions based on the evaluation (performance rating) and assigning roles and responsibilities in accordance.

  • Real-time Performance Feedback
  • This feature allows the executives and the managers to configure real-time performance feedback mechanism on periodical (Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly OR annually) basis. The periodical feedback helps employees in improving their performance rather than waiting for the actual appraisal cycles.

  • Training Need Analysis
  • Ability to capture, discuss and record the training requirements and needs of employees. Evaluate post training performance.

  • Compensation Planning
  • Plan and build increments and retention plans based on the ratings and allocated budgets (Departments/Roles based).

  • Appraisal Management
  • Helps in allocating budgets (appraisal cost/pay-outs) at managerial or departmental level. The single-window view and the feature allows effective management of the budget and reward the deserving candidates.

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