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HR’s evolving role from Strategic Business Partner to Driving Business Success

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence—it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” —Peter Drucker

The start of the year 2020 has taught people all over the globe one big lesson, i.e. nothing stays the same way and no matter how prepared we think we are, certain events can change the entire narration.

When organizations come face to face with a shift or transition, they are forced to go along with it no matter what.

Human Resource is a field that acts at the forefront of all the changes that take place. In so many ways it is this department that steers the organization towards adaptability.

Change is not necessarily when times are turbulent. Most of the time companies think of innovative changes when they need to bring some freshness in their approach to running a business owing to the development in the market.

To ensure that the entire team is on the same page, it is the HR team that needs to act as the business drivers. Some of the main ways in which HR can help drive the business to change and profit are:

Setting up the right organisational

culture: Each organization has a set of core values and principles, and at all times these principles act as the foundation of delivering business.

When there is a new member joins the team HR is responsible to bring them on par with all the ways of the company.

HR are the ones who drive the culture of the organization and act as the culture ambassadors.

In short, the HR team is responsible to make sure that all those people who become a part of the company understand how they work and function.

This is essential so that the new members truly adapt to the working culture of the organization and live & behave the values that the company believes in.

Alignment of people and processes to drive profit

One of the core responsibilities of the HR team is to train and recruit efficient people who match the skill sets requirement.

On a very large scale, it is the HR team that creates and works on documenting the Standard Operating Procedures so that all the working members work towards the same goal within the framework & help the business grow in terms of profits.

It takes a lot of thought processes to streamline the operations in a manner that the business can become self-sustainable, and this happens to be the first thing that HR needs to work on and keep reviewing with every change.

Build an efficient, scalable, and productive workforce

How good and efficient your core business operations are will depend on how well the HR can carve and put in place proper procedures and a team that can drive to achieve those goals.

There are no shortcuts to success and though the process is long and tiresome, one needs to reach it anyhow. As HR professionals one of the core functions is to mould the way the team will work and come up with goals that are practical and scalable at the same time.

Driving efficiency and productivity and having in place a proper growth chart is something that helps organizations stay on track.

Promote a culture of growth and learning

Surprisingly the number one reason for employees exiting organizations is not remuneration but the overall culture and when they feel they are not learning and growing.

Being a part of the HR team means you need to have in place appraisal cycles which will help you measure the team’s success so that they can be rewarded financially or designation wise.

One also needs to plan proper training, charting out an excellent learning curve that can help them take on bigger & different responsibilities and positions and grow within the organization.

Build a management control system and drive good governance

Rules may be frustrating, but they are what help an individual and the organization in an orbit of success.

Having in place corrective measures and a control system is vital so that people follow those rules and stick to the principles of the company.

The moment you have a good governing system in place, your team will work like a well-oiled machine.

HR as a team has plenty of things to take care of and having said that, it is also true that at times their task is the most challenging.

If the HR Team concentrates on these core aspects they will empower and enable growth that will drive their business to the epitome of success.

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