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HR Audit : A Tool To Streamline Your Human Resource Management

It is very important to recognize one’s pitfalls! Understanding so is the leading pathway towards your company’s corporate growth. One should always know their negative points. Knowing this will make you realise what is holding you back.

This would help you a lot in the upcoming days of your future. Hence, conducting achievement surveys are very crucial. These surveys make you learn about the weaknesses you are having in your company.

Weaknesses are not at all affordable in reputed firms. So, in this aspect, audits can be done to comprehend the current business process of a company.

Read the article below and get yourself enlightened about HR Audits and know-how we are helping several businesses and bringing noticeable changes in their processes.

Purpose Of HR Audit

  • Aiding a company’s HR department (if any) comprehend how to enhance itself
  •  Being an act of ‘due persistence’ for potential stakeholders and investors of a company
  • Assuring obedience to a company’s working procedures with the governing laws.
  • Proper resource allowance & surveying for human resources
  • A purpose for enhancements in the upcoming days

These are a few of the purposes for conducting HR Audits. 

What Is an HR Audit

An HR Audit is a factual inspection of your business’s HR policies, methods & practices. This is done to establish enhancing ideas for one’s business.

We perform such HR Audits or you can too do it by yourself by advising the HR department of your company to conduct an internal audit. 

Types Of HR Audit

  • Policy or handbook audit
  • Functional audit
  • Exemption audit
  • Safety audit
  • Development & training audit
  • Compliance audit
  • Hour practices & wage audit
  • Job description audit
  • Hiring process audit
  • Benefits & compensation audit

HR Audit Checklist

The checklist is a kind of an index! You need to go through all the points while performing HR Audits on various divisions.

Usually, checklists are long kinds of things. But here, we have shortened this up for you by mentioning only the critical aspects. 

  • Employee Handbook
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Employee Records
  • Onboarding & Hiring Process
  • Performance Evaluation, and
  • Educating

Phases Of HR Audit

HR Auditing is segmented into 3 different phases –

  • Pre-audit information – This includes a review of the HR manuals, reports, employee manuals, etc
  • On-site review – This includes meetings, casual conversations, researches, questionnaires, observations. It is done to know the inputs of the employees working in an organisation 
  • Records review – This includes thorough surveying of employees’ files, turnover statistics, performance assessments, notices, etc. 

Role Of HRD Audit

This is a control strategy which is made especially to review the current methods, policies, protocols and documentation to examine the enhancements made in a company or needs to be made in a company. 


Determining & administering a proper procedure is the very first thing which is way important to be done in the first place.

Inappropriate audits can fetch you incorrect results! This might lead you towards making wrong management decisions.

In order to avoid so, feel free to connect with us. We give you the best quality assurances of our HR Audits and hence, we take pride in being one of the best and leading HR management & software companies in India.



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