Performance Management

An HRMS that actually Performs!

We get it! Performance Management is more than just end-of-the-year appraisals! Emgage cuts to the heart of effective performance management to help you, monitor, track and analyze the performance, all through!

Emgage works as hard as you and your employees so that you achieve your goals! To simply put, that’s what an HRMS should be for!

Drive Performance, Everyday! ​

Emgage lets you and your employees set, track and align to the set goals to drive measurable outcomes.

Emgage’s comprehensive performance framework provides a holistic view of employee performance and progress to help conduct effective reviews anytime, anywhere!

Feedback, when it matters the most.

Emgage encapsulates real-time feedback to drive increased engagement and performance. With its ability to set periodical feedback and capture events, emgage helps business leader nurture their teams and, better align them to organizational objectives.

Emgage’s Performance feature also helps managers and the HR teams capture, discuss and record the training requirements and needs of employees. Evaluate post-training performance and integrate it into the employee career tracks.

Remote or Sitting next, doesn’t matter!

You’re team sitting next to you or remote, Emgage’s performance feature lets you set the goals, track their progress, and provide feedback, real easy!

With features such as; the 1:1 meeting, calendar, and feedback notes, you’ll hardly find any difference between managing teams, virtual or in real-time!

Align Goals and Track Progress in Real-time

Cultivate a high-performing culture with Emgage performance management software

Results, that matter!

Emgage helped 4C Group set up its entire HR department by defining policy, systems, and processes In Only 3 Weeks.