Timesheet Management

Let you track time and not time track you!

Emgage’s smart ‘Timesheets’ feature helps you and your employees track time effortlessly so that time doesn’t track you anymore!

Built specifically for services-led organizations or organizations working in remote setup, this feature helps in accurately measuring effort utilization and allocating resources effectively.

Clock in & Clock out, with just a few clicks!

We get it, employees hate feeling timesheets! With its intuitive interface, Emgage makes time-entries, easy and enjoyable.

From setting up multiple projects to tracking logged hours, from adding comments to submitting them anytime, anywhere; Emgage is redefining ‘Timesheets’, all through.

Increased Productivity & Compliance with Ease!

With revolutionary features such as; Geo-fencing and timestamps, measuring efforts, and managing resources are easy and error-free!

With its intuitive workflow management feature, you can automate, streamline and manage your employees’ timesheet approval process, most effectively.

Insights-led Efficiency, and much more.

With Emgage, employees can accurately track hours to different projects to know where their time is being spent. Make smart business decisions with intuitive cost & effort estimate reports.

Clients and managers can review, approve and tag contracted hours to payroll and automate payment disbursal.

Results, that matter!

Emgaged helped 4C Group set up its entire HR department by defining policy, systems, and processes In Only 3 Weeks.
Emgage HRMS Client Case Study