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A comprehensive suite of HR solutions designed to streamline your organization’s operations and enhance employee management. Our platform covers a wide range of categories to meet your specific needs. Explore the following areas to discover how our software can transform your HR processes.

Core HR

Emgage HRMS Software

Our Core HR module simplifies organizational management, onboarding, document management, and custom workflows. With our intuitive tools, you can efficiently handle employee data, streamline the onboarding process, manage important documents securely, and automate workflows to save time and increase efficiency.

Payroll & Compliances

Simplify your payroll management with our automated payroll system. We ensure accurate calculations, timely salary disbursals, and seamless integration with your existing systems. Our software also handles employee tax management, ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Stay worry-free about statutory compliances as our system keeps you up-to-date with changing laws and regulations.

Performance Management

Drive employee performance and achieve your organizational goals with our Performance Management module. Set and track objectives and key results (OKRs) or conduct 360-degree appraisals. Real-time KPI monitoring provides actionable insights, enabling you to align individual performance with organizational objectives. Seamlessly integrate performance data with our payroll module for a comprehensive overview.


Efficiently manage projects and measure productivity with our Timesheet module. Track employee time and allocate resources effectively. Gain insights into project progress and link timesheet data directly to payroll for accurate compensation calculations.

Shift Management

Emgage Mobile

Stay connected and manage HR tasks on the go with our Emgage Mobile app. Assign and track tickets, manage closures, and gather employee feedback effortlessly. Take advantage of SLA configuration and gain valuable insights into ticket resolution metrics.

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Leave & Attendance

Our Leave & Attendance module provides comprehensive leave management solutions. Automate leave requests, approvals, and tracking. Enable touchless attendance with advanced biometric or card-based systems. Create and manage shifts effortlessly while monitoring attendance through interactive dashboards.

Leave Management

Expense & Travel

Streamline your expense management process with our Expense & Travel module. Automate expense approvals, implement budgetary controls, and simplify the reimbursement process. Manage conveyance and travel expenses efficiently, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

Confirmation & Separation

Smoothly manage the confirmation and separation processes with our dedicated module. Set up probation plans, conduct performance reviews, and create performance improvement plans. Customize workflows to align with your organization’s requirements and ensure a seamless transition for employees.

Employee Helpdesk

Empower your employees with our Employee Helpdesk module. Assign and track support tickets, manage closures efficiently, and gather valuable feedback. Configure service level agreements (SLAs) to meet your organization’s needs while gaining insights into support ticket metrics.

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