Emgage Partnership Program is uniquely developed with the purpose of helping our partners grow their business too. Our partnership program enables you to provide your clients with solutions that help them in reducing their overheads, improving productivity, engaging with their employees, better or managing their risk.

You can select the relationship that best meets your objective.
Resell Partner
Emgage’s Reseller Partner Program is ideal for those businesses who wants to grow their existing businesses by referring new clients, demonstrating Emgage’s solutions, and actively participating into the sales process.
Implementation Partner
Emgage’s Ideal Implementation Partners are System Integrators, IT Services and Consulting businesses. They’d not only resell Emgage solutions but will also implement Emgage solutions and train end clients.
Referral Partner
Emgage’s Referral Partner Program is ideal for businesses who want to get started into the Emgage community and earn rewards for referring new clients.



“Being a system integrator for a logistics startup (our client), we wanted to implement a perfect HR solution for them from day one, and that’s why we partnered with Emgage. As an Emgage partner, we’ve helped our clients in establishing the HR practices and mitigate their risk significantly. This partnership has helped us grow our business significantly and build deeper relationships with our clients.”
Sarfaraz Malek
Founder & Director at XMplify Tech
Implementation Partner at Emgage

Emgage simplifies and automates routine human resources related tasks. A comprehensive cloud-based human resource management solution that centralizes all the HR and Admin functionsto help your clients bring their organization’s purpose to life and more meaning to their people’s work.

Thoughtfully designed by an experienced team of HR and IT leaders, Emgage offers tailormade human resource management solutions from People and Performance Management to Payrolls and Administration.