In today's times, Human Resource Management poses a lot of challenges to small HR teams working for SMEs, since they have to manage a wide array of matters, including Recruitment, Payroll, Employee engagement, Compliances and so on. In order to equip themselves with a support system to accomplish these tasks, HR managers often prefer automation so that the process can be simplified and made more convenient.
As the Co-Founder Mr. Surendra Varma of Emgage HRMS has described, this software was developed to automate the process and bridge the knowledge gap that often small HR teams face due to constant upgradations. Hence Emgage HRMS aims at providing quality automation. Read More

Knowing 'what' to deliver to help the HR managers working in SMEs is one thing and 'how' to deliver it is another. More so, delivering a product that can suit the fast paced, ever changing environment is a must. Otherwise, the software can become redundant in a short span of time. To ensure these factors, the software has to be equipped with such technology that makes the system robust. Along with simplifying the process, the software should be well-fit for constant upgradations.
As daunting as this task may sound, it can be accomplished when the curator is driven by passion. As Co-Founder Mr. Sarfaraz Malek explains, Emgage HRMS stands apart because it has been curated to aid the HR managers in a manner that keeps them updated as well. Read More