HR Outsourcing Services for small business (50-100 Employees)

Build Workplace of Future, Now!

Small and Growing businesses rely on Emgage’s Outsourced HR Services to that that ‘big leap’!

SME (OR SMB) owners are busy, and can rarely justify in-house HR teams or pros. Human resource management tasks often fall to the wayside except when absolutely necessary. It’s understandable – but risky! 

Decisions taken at this stage can prove pivotal to how the business would shape in the future and its growth. 

How Emgage’s Outsourced HR Services can help?

For the years of domain experience it offers, Emgage’s Outsourced HR services and client support make it tough to beat! 

From drafting industry-specific SOPs to setting up the HR policies and benchmarks, providing you with the right technology and an HR Partner to drive your vision, our Outsourced HR services are designed to help small and growing businesses move to their ‘next’! 

Our Unique Approach

Understand HR Needs

Establish best HR practices as per industry benchmarks

Ongoing Management of HR Matters

Establishing right culture to promote high performance

Our Services offerings

Achieve ‘Extraordinary’ with Emgage!

Emgage helped 4C Group set up its entire HR department by defining policy, systems, and processes In only 3 Weeks.

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