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Key Results for team

Tips to Set Objectives and Key Results for team

OKRs – objectives and key results, have become a common framework for teams looking to plan and measure their work’s progress. Leaders at all levels of the organization begin by defining “objectives,” which are high-level, qualitative, and motivating goals. Why is it important to set objectives and results? A business owner has a vision for […]

Prevent Employee Burnout

Prevent Employee Burnout from Work from home and Online calls

Burnout is defined as a state of utter physical, mental, and emotional weariness that prevents a person from performing even basic daily chores, let alone working to their full ability. Why is Employee Burnout Prevention necessary? Aside from the humane reasons behind pushing for Employee Burnout Prevention, there are significant organizational benefits. Burnout causes a […]

People Connected with hr shared services

What are HR shared services & the benefits of HR shared services?

HR departments can benefit from using an hr shared services model to deliver services to employees more quickly and effectively. It provides an opportunity to decouple the operational from the strategic, allowing each department to provide the best possible employee experience. Let’s take a closer look at HR shared services, including their benefits and limitations, […]

Benefits of Outsourcing HR

Benefits of Outsourcing HR Department for MSME’s

HR duties may be overwhelming for small businesses with minimal workers. If you’re finding it challenging to manage essential parts of your organisation, you should consider seeking assistance. Many HR outsourcing services for small firms are tailored to help companies streamline operations, cut costs, and achieve their objectives. More on HR Outsourcing (HRO) HR outsourcing […]

HR Technology

HR Technology – An Organizational differentiator for Future workplace

HR technology is a broad phrase that refers to software and hardware used to automate the human resources function in businesses. Payroll and remuneration for employees, talent acquisition and management, workforce analytics, performance management, and benefits administration are all covered under this. HR technology has advanced quickly in recent years. In fact, various corporations have also shown their […]

office people doing hr analytics

HR Analytics – Tool to make better people decision

You can reform numerous HR practices, such as recruiting, turnover, training, talent management, and performance management, by utilizing the functions of HR Analytics solutions. These technologies are essential for developing a data-driven HR model for your company. The routine process of engaging with data generated across the organization is one part of managing Human Resources. However, a lack […]

performance meter

Better performance analysis by digitalizing PMS process

“There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognise ability.”–Robert Half Have we ever asked ourselves the one big question as to why we work? It is true that the primary motivation is to secure our future financially, but another major motivation is the appreciation that […]

Top hiring trends in 2021

“Time spent on hiring is time well spent”– Robert Half The year 2020 saw a commotion take over, one that no one had any control over, and one that had everyone rethinking their strategies both for survival and existence. As the world united in fighting against the pandemic, organizations and business structures saw a sudden […]

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