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conducting Exit interviews

Importance of conducting Exit interviews

Employees will quit no matter how amazing your company culture is, how great your learning and development program is, or how great your business leaders are. You won’t be able to keep every employee, especially in this day and age, whether it’s for a change of employment, to care for their newly formed family, or […]

HR Structure post covid

How is Digitization changing the HR Structure post covid?

Human resources teams have never been more critical than they have been in the last 12 months. Founders are leading the discussion on how to build a “new normal” and how businesses may assure continuity throughout this new development worldwide in various sectors and organizations. Successful teams have pushed the implementation of digital HR solutions, […]

HR Checklist

HR Checklist for Small Business

Startups have a lot of work ahead of them, and it can be tough to take the time to develop a sound HR department plan amid ordinary business. While many small businesses do not understand the value of having an HR department, it is an essential and valuable asset, primarily if your firm aims to […]

How can a strong HR team change your business?

HR, according to several experts, has a holistic view of personnel alignment with company strategy. HR has the resources, skills, and capacities to assist the organization in implementing the strategy. As a solid foundation for strategy, ensure alignment around the organization’s vision and values. Business leaders might lose sight of the organization’s core – its […]

How can you make your HR more Approachable?

One of HR’s most important responsibilities is to resolve internal conflicts and concerns, which if they can’t do no one wants to employ them as mediators. When your employees are aware of the fact that they can turn to the HR department with concerns, they will seek expert assistance rather than attempting to resolve significant […]

one on one meetings

Why should Founders make one-on-one meetings a regular exercise with their team?

People will make up their narrative in the lack of information. Here’s why communication is so crucial in the business world. The need for efficient communication—not just with your staff but also with your investors, board members, vendors, and partners—is one of the most underappreciated issues in entrepreneurship. People’s imaginations instinctively gravitate to a worst-case […]

Recruiting a diversified workforce will help to bring better business outcomes

Businesses require diversification to remain competitive in today’s global market. Beyond political correctness, having a diverse team has benefits. Bringing in people with different perspectives and backgrounds can lead to better decision-making, increased innovation, and increased workplace engagement. This may aid in the enhancement of a company’s reputation and the recruitment of top talent. Workplace […]

Top 5 jobs no longer needed post covid

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a profound societal and organizational shift, leaders gained an opportunity to return for the work of designing the future in the work arena, building lessons and practices for their organizations executed during the crisis.  By the end of April 2020 billion workers stood in immediate danger of their […]

man showing 5 fingers

Top 5 People Management Challenges in SME’s

People management is a new approach in HR Management which deals entirely with how people should be managed as employees at a workplace! The practice is not a theory but is a developing form of competing theories. This is especially done to control output of and manage the employees of a workplace to attain the […]

Tips to streamline your payroll management process

Payroll processing is a time-consuming and laborious operation that is a constant source of stress and workload for most HR departments. An enhanced payroll management process can help any company in multiple ways. However, determining exactly what to change or adopt might be difficult. Making random changes or merely installing new software will not solve […]

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