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These days irrespective of the job and designation that you are hired for, the single common factor that helps you land the job is one;  the ability to understand and work for hand in hand with technology.

There are several applications and software that are designed to support & ease employees’ work in an efficient streamlined manner.

However, the crucial point is creating a robust training schedule to roll out to the team and facilitate migration to these platforms with agility.

An open mind and readiness to accept modifications and upgrades with the release of new versions are going to be a challenge as technology changes are on a fast track.

Is your team on the fast track?

According to a survey conducted by the Capgemini team, it was found that several businesses are on the verge of dissolving due to delay & hesitation to upgrade technologically.

One of the key reasons why this happens is because the team is resistant to learning and adapting to anything new that challenges their comfort zone.

In this blog, we will highlight how an organization can overcome these technological barriers by building a tech-friendly team

What’s in it for them?

The biggest reason why people are challenged with new processes and resist is the absence of an explanation of the WHY or the importance of why they are expected to adapt.

In the day to the daily work life of an employee who is already bogged down with plenty of tasks on their plate for which they are accountable.

In addition to their usual KRAs, they might not warm up to the task of learning some new software or tool easily.

At times like this, it will be best if you have them sit down and explain the bigger picture and take people along from stage one.

Tell them how the new tool will benefit the organization’s growth and overall efficiency and how it would help ease their workload.

Preparing them with what they would stand to gain by learning to work on a new technology platform is instrumental in building synergy.

Incentivizing the learning

One of the best ways of getting people to adapt to new technological changes is by incorporating adaptability& learning skills as part of their KPIs.

Roll out a project and have the teams work together to understand the basic concept and working of the new tool that has been acquired.

The moment you incorporate it as part of their KPI, people will work better to achieve an understanding of the tool and this will help achieve the results for which the tool was acquired in the first place.

Slow & Steady Wins the race

It is important to understand that a team will be a mix of people who are quick learners and some who will take more time than others.

When introducing new software or tools, make sure you understand that each member will have a different learning curve.

To make it straightforward for all, introduce the new technology, and have it simplified down into several steps and phases, focusing on the benefits and the why at every stage!

This will ensure that everyone is motivated & on the same page and by the end of the project, everyone would have achieved a hold on the new change & thus increased efficiency.

Roll out a Buddy Program

The key to ensuring complete comprehension of a tool or new technology is in the way you train people to use it, never losing focus on sustaining the training initiatives.

If some learners have an issue with migrating from learner to user, come up with a buddy program wherein you assign a mentor to a person and they shadow them when they work on the new tool.

Implement an environment of change

Almost every business these days is volatile, which demands constant changes and updates, especially in the field of technology.

It is important to make your team realize that learning to work with these technological updates with agility is less of a burden and more of an advantage.

Help them understand how shaking hands with technology won’t replace them but will make them more proficient in their domain.

This ought to make them more open to the idea of learning, adapting and accepting technological upgrades as a part of the growth in the professional world today.

Building in-house E-learning tools

Creating a knowledge & resource pool available on a shared drive which employees could refer to as a ready reckoner is another essential for all organizations going forward.

Adding relevant material, ease of access and availability, and flexibility of completing the training at own convenient timings, would all promote self-learning.

Completing the modules and subsequent evaluation could be included as part of the KRA and a measurable KPI.

Every team member is well aware of E-learning platforms, and self-tutorials and understands the criticality of developing skills required for being in demand.

They also recognize that a lack of adaptability and agility could cause a threat to their job security.  

It is crucial that organizations wanting to progress and keep ahead of time, understand that it takes time for people to adjust to the new.

At the same time, the youngest members of the workforce are equally enthusiastic about self-learning/ upgrading their knowledge and technical skills.

It is imperative to impart timely feedback so that the learning curve trajectory can be sharpened.

The message that every individual needs to absorb going forward is – Technology will empower growth and not strangle it midway!

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