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Tips for creating an HR Department for Startup


HR is a crucial department in any business. If you are starting a new startup and want to create an HR department, this article will help you with the steps.

Set HR policies

You should set HR policies aligned with your company’s vision, mission and values. These policies will help you hire the right people for the job.

  • Your company’s values should be reflected in their hiring practices as well as when it comes time for promotions or raises. If you want to keep employees happy and motivated, then those values need to be part of your organization’s culture!
  • Similarly, if you want more diversity within your workforce (or even internal promotion opportunities), make sure all employees know how important it is for everyone at work – regardless of gender or ethnicity – to feel valued by their employers just like everyone else in society should feel valued by theirs!
  • Documented HR processes help you to build a formal work culture.

Create Organization structure

Startup companies need to create an HR department. Start by defining the roles and responsibilities of your employees, then decide how they will be organized within the company.

The reporting structure should be clearly defined, as well as job titles, hiring process, training process, performance review process and compensation structure.

The key here is being clear about what each employee does – if you don’t know where someone fits in or what his or her role is called then it’s going to be difficult for them to feel like part of an organization with clearly defined goals and priorities.

Onboarding Process

It is very important to build the right onboarding process for small businesses and provide a better employee experience, especially for people who are joining new.

The first impression has a long-lasting impression and helps you retain employees for a longer period.

Building a good 30-60-90 days onboarding program helps an organization to transition new employees into a new organization smoothly.

Create SOP for HR

The SOP is a set of instructions that can be used repeatedly. For example, if you have to do HR for a startup company then you need to follow certain steps every time when it comes to hiring employees or any other task related to this department.

SOPs help in standardizing processes and increasing efficiency, as well as improving quality. They also reduce the risk of errors by ensuring consistency in all activities – from hiring new employees to performance reviews and terminations – so each employee knows what’s expected from them at all times.

Finally, having an SOP reduces time spent on repetitive tasks such as filling out forms or writing reports because they are consistent across multiple locations within your organization

Hire in-house or Outsource HR

If you are looking to hire an HR resource, look for someone who has experience in the industry.

This will ensure that the person understands what your startup needs and how to use their skills.

In addition, they should have a good understanding of best practices and industry standards to help develop processes that fit your company’s culture.

In addition, it is advisable not to create a dedicated HR department within your startup since it would also require spending more money to get the right resource.

Instead, work with the right partners who specialize in providing end-to-end HR services and who can provide shared resources to manage your complete HR department at a reasonable rate; this way you can ensure there are no gaps between what needs to be done vs what actually gets done!

Digitalise HR Department

Once processes are defined and you have a dedicated person who ensures these processes are implemented, it is important to use technology to digitalise the complete HR department to optimise the resources and cost and improve the overall experience.

Use technology for employee engagement, which is a critical aspect of any successful HR department that will help you attract top talent in the future.


Creating a successful HR department is not an easy task. But by following these steps, you can create an efficient HR department that will be able to help you build your startup and become successful.

If you need any help in setting up an HR department for your organization, feel free to set up a free consultation call with our HR experts.



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