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Tips for Young Founders to manage a more experienced team

Young professionals are less inclined to wait for opportunities to present themselves and are more interested in developing their own.

These young entrepreneurs have the enthusiasm and determination to succeed, but they lack real-world experience and lack leadership skills.

Ten CEOs and founders of successful firms, many of whom were young entrepreneurs, presented helpful advice to the next generation to make a move into leadership a little easier.

Regardless of your accomplishment, maintain your humility.

To begin, any fresh founder must have an unquenchable desire for success and victory, as well as a firm determination to work hard, as your competition will undoubtedly do. Above all, remain humble and listen. For your team to succeed, they must trust that you will stay calm and composed at all times.

It’s essential to have a voracious thirst for achievement so as not to lose sight of where you started. By remaining humble and level-headed, you will create mutual respect and trust with your team.

Be willing to change your mind. Tips for Young Founders

Your concept is fantastic, but keep in mind that it will eventually take on an entirely different form. It won’t look like your first idea, nor the second, but the third, after a lot of listening and learning, will be the one that succeeds.

Pay attention to what the colleagues have to speak about it. As your ideas progress through the business life cycle, they must adapt to the stage your company is in.

Recognize your flaws.

Recognize your flaws and surround yourself with individuals who can help you overcome them. The best quality is accepting their flaws and surrounding themselves with people who can compensate for them.

It is a sign of strength to own your flaws. Rather than squandering time and energy on something you’re not good at, pay someone who is.

Allow your team to do their job. Tips for Young Founders

Respect your team and their knowledge. You can put your faith in them to perform the tasks for which you recruited them. You can’t expect someone to offer you their best job if you don’t give them any autonomy.

It’s hard to entrust your vision to others, yet you hired your team for a purpose. They will thrive if you give them the freedom to perform what they were recruited to do.

Don’t be afraid to seek assistance.

A leader does not have to be aware of all the solutions. It’s okay if you don’t know everything. Pretending to know everything will cause your subordinates to lose faith in you as a leader. Don’t be scared to ask the team for help with difficulties that aren’t within your competence.

It is admirable to seek assistance. It may not be very comforting to hire individuals with more experience than you, yet this personnel is full of practical knowledge that will benefit your company.

Seek advice from a mentor. Tips for Young Founders

We allow our ideas to dictate our decision-making as entrepreneurs, and we frequently ignore analysis and strategy. A good mentor will assist you in thinking about topics with which you are unfamiliar.

Finding a mentor is essential for a young entrepreneur with little experience running a business. A mentor can assist you with solutions to complex challenges that you would not have thought of on your own, based on their considerable experience in your sector.

Keep your pledges and honor your commitments.

It’s all about what you say. Always follow through, if you say you are going to do something, whether it’s a volunteer opportunity or your work. Knowing when to say no is crucial. ‘I can’t do that, but I can do this,’ you can tell. Offer what you can without committing to anything on which you will fail.

It’s critical to keep your word if you want to develop trust with your staff. As a result of violated promises, employee morale will decrease. Be honest with yourself about the limitations and abilities that you have.


It would help if you worked on the company rather than in it. Take 3 hours a week for yourself and the business, really carving out time on your calendar. Make the most of the time by reading, listening to podcasts, going for a run, and sketching up a vision.

You must be at the top of your game at all times to properly lead a team. Set aside a few hours each week to focus on self-care activities that stimulate creativity and growth to avoid burnout.

You may be uncomfortable with, and perhaps scared of, leadership as a young entrepreneur with little experience leading a team. Fortunately for the entrepreneur, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership; you may create your own.



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