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How can you make your HR more Approachable?

One of HR’s most important responsibilities is to resolve internal conflicts and concerns, which if they can’t do no one wants to employ them as mediators.

When your employees are aware of the fact that they can turn to the HR department with concerns, they will seek expert assistance rather than attempting to resolve significant conflicts on their own.

This could help to avoid substantial ramifications and long-running disputes that stifle staff productivity. Here are four suggestions for making HR more approachable and reliable.

Be Effective and Efficient

Nobody wants to go to an HR department that is incapable of completing tasks. For example, suppose HR is renowned for taking months to resolve a tiny issue.

In that case, employees may be tempted to fix it themselves anytime a problem of any size arises, which can lead to more significant issues.

Employees would know that HR teams are qualified and resourceful if HR is known to be discreet and effective.

Employees will be inclined to trust HR with significant problems and difficulties if HR is consistently efficient.

Make yourself available

Employees will avoid approaching an HR department that is tucked away or considers complaints as a bother.

Being available means solving problems and achieving objectives both physically (at the office) and psychologically (in your attitude while dealing with concerns).

You may, for example, create an office directory where employees can readily access HR team members’ office phone numbers.

Employees will know who to call with their specific concerns if the directory includes a list of expertise and responsibilities.

Be well-informed

Being informed not only makes HR more approachable but also ensures that issues are addressed expertly and accurately.

Your HR teams must grasp rules and regulations pertaining to compliance, in addition to exhibiting expertise earned through education and experience, which will gain trust and faith from employees.

For example, when dealing with a workplace harassment allegation, HR should be trusted to maintain confidentiality and follow proper protocol.

Being well-informed also guarantees that their conclusions and recommendations for the next measures are trustworthy.

Use a variety of communication methods

Your staff, like your consumers, are accessible via several channels (social media, website, in-person, and phone calls).

Some of your employees may prefer to speak with HR in person, while others may choose to communicate with HR by email or SMS. Allowing employees to talk on their own terms is the key to making HR more approachable.

First, give many channels for employees to contact HR with concerns, and then be responsive and helpful in each channel.


It takes time and effort to build an approachable HR department, but it is undoubtedly doable.

Human Resource is a department that is frequently disregarded, but it is critical to the efficient operation of a company.

Approachable HR professionals can educate, inform, and help employees as well as employers.

HR professionals have the opportunity to become dependable, approachable, and essential components of a company by combining good communication skills, impartiality, and extensive knowledge of the industry.



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