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Top 5 jobs no longer needed post covid

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a profound societal and organizational shift, leaders gained an opportunity to return for the work of designing the future in the work arena, building lessons and practices for their organizations executed during the crisis. 

By the end of April 2020 billion workers stood in immediate danger of their livelihoods being destroyed.  

COVID-19 regenerated our opinion that human concerns are not separate from technological advances at all, the organizations started ‘Work from Home (WFH) culture. This took lives at a different pace and work arena. 

Here are some jobs which are under risk in the post Covid world”

1. Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerk 

Accounting and auditing clerks play a crucial role in the daily administration of finances and payrolls departments of an organization.

This role is very rapidly becoming automated and digital. The cloud based solutions for these roles, have largely brought these jobs under risk

2. Computer Support Assistant

A support assistant is an extremely effective technician who accesses the computers remotely using free and secure software. These technicians working remotely will be affected by the office ethics post COVID.

The shift performance goal-setting and employee evaluation after COVID will impact the job of these technicians.

3. Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Attorney and legal recruiters noticed the need for paralegals to virtually organize and manage cases and also to know the ever-changing federal court e-filing and hearing requirements.

These positions emerged in a variety of areas such as bankruptcy, mortgages, contracts, criminal and civil issues.

The jobs of these legal experts had become a lot easier than in physical courts and its procedures. Returning back to the old process from the ease of IT technology will immensely affect the jobs of these experts.

 4. Data Analyst

The company executive has the opinion that the COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the need for data analytics.

The report says that gathering and analyzing employee data enforced the companies to take decisions at the exact time and eliminated risks. Data Analysts boosts the new processes and protocols of organizations.

Data jobs are not immune post pandemic as there is less demand for recruiting data talents. Thus, after COVID there will be major laying off for these data analysts.

5. Marketing Consultants

In this surge of COVID-19, businesses are disrupting and the world economy is brought to a halt due to the reason many business executives are looking for solutions and the help of consultants.

The nature of collaborative productivity which was the result of social connectivity was lost in these pandemic years, this creates a threat as communication was the key of these marketing organizations in the competitive markets. 

6. SEO Specialist

SEO specialists work for different organizations in numerous industries and they can work in a digital marketing agency and freelance professional.

An SEO specialist focuses on improving the rank of a website to improve a site’s visibility and generate more organic traffic in the process.

The momentum of work for SEO specialists will eventually slow down as venture capital investments will be ebbed. 

The BCG’s recent Workplace of the Future Employer Survey found that companies are expected for about 40% allowing their employees to follow a remote-working model in future.

Meanwhile, 29% of respondents are in favour of office culture as according to them the employees are vastly affected by their mental health during COVID-19, and it was difficult for employers to create awareness and develop tools for benefit that support employee needs in the remote working culture. Thus, several jobs will be immensely affected in the post pandemic era.