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Track your Employee Productivity through the Right Timesheet Tool

The general goal for a team is to operate as efficiently and autonomously as possible. It is hard to understand and know the employee’s work through the day by mere intuition.

The timesheet tools make the work of managers to track employee productivity easy and efficient.

Just the installation of a timesheet tool is usually enough to result in a positive change.

The Hawthorne effect is stated as a reason for this transformation, which is a phenomenon of people changing their behavior when they know they are being monitored. It is said that everything is about accountability.

Why should a business use timesheets?

Through effective time management, a business can meet its deadlines, maintain a budget and achieve success.

Accurate records are essential to work in this manner which makes timesheets necessary to any successful business or organization. There are several applications of timesheets such as:

  1. Payroll Processing
  2. Management Accounting

These applications of timesheets are used in several service-based industries namely:

  • Law Offices Timesheets
  • Timesheets for Freelancers
  • Timesheets for Accountants
  • Improve Project Management

Defining ideal Timesheet

The work spent by an employee is measured by a Timesheet tool. The sheets of timesheet tools are set up in a matrix format, with each column assigned to a separate day.

In this format, the person writes hours and minutes spent on various activities during each day in a convenient manner.

The data table which an employer can use to track the time of a particular employee’s work during a certain period is known as a timesheet.

Timesheets are used by businesses to record time spent on tasks, projects or clients. The several methods that have been used to record the timesheets are paper, spreadsheet software, and online minutes-tracking software.

Time Tracking & Employee Monitoring

The ideal tool for maximizing company-wide productivity and profitability is managed through computer monitoring software with timekeeping capabilities.

Automated time tracking and employee monitoring produce accurate and objective accounts of employee work hours.

A huge and successful project management strategy is built through correct monitoring and tracking of employee work.

If there will be any productivity slumping, it can be easily identified through this strategy. The benefits of time tracking and employee monitoring are:

  1. Accurately billing payroll
  2. Streamlining project management
  3. Improved productivity
  4. Increased profitability
  5. Planning for ‘silent tasks’
  6. Keeping secure records
  7. Improvement of management strategies

Methods to track employees through Timesheet Tools

Here are several types of employee tracking and monitoring:

  1. Call monitoring 
  2. Email monitoring
  3. Time-clocking
  4. End of Day summary cards

In addition, their many methods to track employees including:

  • Getting started with minutes
  • Automated time tracking
  • Automated screen capturing
  • Manual timesheets
  • Intelligent analytics
  • Robust reporting system
  • Smart notifications
  • Live support

What is the purpose of the Timesheet tool in the work cultures of employees?

Employees rarely give good press to the concept of using timesheets in work culture. In other instances, timesheets can be an ultimate benefit for both managers and their team members.

Companies and organizations aim to make timesheets as a process with a clear purpose, providing everyone with an option to follow it regularly and support the process.

The several purposes of timesheets are given below:

  1. Creation of vital business data
  2. Tool for performance analysis
  3. Analyzing business trends
  4. Boosting process efficiency
  5. Accurate data for billing and accounting
  6. Easier planning
  7. Transparency and traceability
  8. Betterment in a work management
  9. Better discipline

The process of time tracking and monitoring of employees is beneficial for both businesses and employees but it is often challenging. This is the reason for building and using an efficient timesheet tool.

An efficient procedure is crucial to reduce time and effort spent on timekeeping which means more accurate results and several values of the collected data. 

In addition to this, it creates a space for the special timesheet tools which allows speed up and automate timekeeping, avoiding manual work that causes delays and errors. To find the best automation resources and or for a free trial of the Emgage HRMStalk to us!



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