A highly experienced and skilled partners of Emgage helps enterprises in setting up the HR processes, put right systems and teams in place, design KRAs and KPIs, that lead to organizational success!

Leveraging almost 20 years of Team Emgage’s HR services experience, our partners have in place the necessary processes, HRM Specialists, knowledge, technology, and best practices to support SMEs and growing organizations in all aspects of human resources and employment administration.

Set up Functional HR Department

Study present HR needs and set up effective HR Department, with competent HR Team. Design policies and train various teams to deliver.

Set up and Establish Human Resource Management System

Create and complete HR Documentation, both – On and off-line. Leave Management, Performance Management, Attendance Management, Payroll Management, HR Manual, Formats, Policies, Position Purpose Documents – Job Specifications, Job Descriptions, KRAs and KPAs and HR Tools and Interventions.

Performance Management

Help enterprise design industry specific (IT, Retail, Healthcare, Financial services, Manufacturing sectors, etc.) performance measurement matrix along with Appraisals Forms and guidelines.

Managing HR Department

Let your HR Dept managed by specialists. Our partners hand-hold your HR Team to manage it efficiently and effectively or alternately, they manage your HR Dept with their HR Team. At your budget without compromising quality and service levels.


At SMEs and growing organizations, managing human resources has become a critical role in managing a business. Yet for some businesses, the various functions of the HR department are too comprehensive and complex to set-up and manage in-house.

Benefits of Partnering with Team Emgage:

For SMEs, overhead costs associated with performing HR services are typically very high. Emgage partners help you in reducing costs and keeping a check on nonrevenue-generating back-office expenses.

By outsourcing your routine transactional activities to our partners you and your team can focus more on core operations and strategic initiatives. This would help you in achieving the efficiency at scale and manage costs.

Employment and labor laws change regularly, and it can be difficult for smaller enterprises to remain up to date on regulations that affect your workplace. At Emgage, our very purpose is to stay current on central and state employment laws. This will help you comply with these laws and avoid legal headaches.

Our partners help your HR team in maintaining and auditing company policies and practices to ensure your organization and your employees’ best interests are protected.

Our partners help you in managing employee performance and development. They help you in implementing performance management plans to ensure employees comply with company policies and procedures and successfully meet your business goals.

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