People Management Module

At Emgage, we believe that every organization should prioritize the ‘Employee Life Cycle’ because it involves their most critical asset: People. When employees are supported at every stage of their careers, they feel valued and confident that they can achieve their goals which translates into high job satisfaction and loyalty.

However, simply saying that your company practices good ELM is not enough – the principles have to be put into practice. And, that’s what Emgage helps you with!

Emgage’s People Management module helps you manage employee journey from onboarding, attendance, leaves, confirmations, transfers to fulfilling their exit formalities.


  • Employee Onboarding
  • From joining formalities to collecting documents and creating employee profiles to assigning various training programs.

  • Employee Self-Service
  • Accessing org structures to employee directories and managing their leaves and attendance to investment declaration through intuitive dashboards.

  • Attendance & Leave Management
  • Viewing accrued leaves to opting for flexi leaves and setting up the workflows to periodically processing the leaves. Employees can also encash their leaves and apply for overtimes, all through a single window.

  • Employee Feedback Management
  • Managing employee experience through various surveys and feedbacks to help them attain their goals via Goal Management.

  • Timesheets & Task Management
  • Managing various tasks and timesheets for employees at different levels. Assign, modify and check the status on various tasks lead up to Project Management.

  • Transfer, Promotions and Transitions
  • Managing intra departmental transfers and promotions through vertical-horizontal hierarchies. Managing internal and external transitions (exit formalities).

  • Employee Asset Management
  • This allows the HR and the IT team to define various employee assets (Laptops, Cell Phones, Admin Assets, etc.) and assigning them to various employees.

  • Employee Helpdesk Management
  • Allow the HR, Admin and the IT team to manage employees’ requests, service escalations and communicating the status on various requests.

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