Emgage Mobile App

Secure, Powerful and Intuitive - Emgage Mobile App is all your employees need! Built for both, Android and iOS, Emgage Mobile App pockets all the relevant modules and functions, your employees need to do more while on the go!

Crafted by industry’s leading team of HR and IT leaders, Emgage Mobile App helps you and your team access all the HR functions anytime, anywhere!


team and leadership

People Management

People Management on Emgage Mobile offers a unified approach to manage a complete employee lifecycle from employee recruitment, onboarding, employee development, their retention and separation.

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emgage performance

Performance Management

Emgage Mobile App’s Performance Management module instills the intelligence and discipline in your organization to engage and develop motivated teams.

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payroll management

Payroll Management

Emgage Mobile App’s Payroll Management module lets you manage your organization’s payroll in the simplest, yet most effective way! A feature rich module that helps you stay on top of all employee finances and statutory compliances.

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: MIS Reporting & Analytics

Emgage Mobile App’s Reporting and Analytics module give at-a-glance snapshots into your most relevant human resources data. With the data updated in real time, Emgage makes it easy to keep an eye on how your teams are performing and what’s needed to drive your company forward.

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Intro to the Packages

At Emgage, we understand how SMEs and Startups grow; keeping that in mind, we’ve made Emgage available as ‘On-Premise’ and On-Cloud. Uniquely available as ‘Pay as You Grow’ model; Emgage Packs are designed and made tailormade to fit your needs.

Emgage Packs and Pricing

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