EMGAGE Performance Management Modules - Simplify your performance review process to focus on what really drives engagement and productivity for your employees –consistent communication. EMGAGE creates an easier way for managers to have productive conversations with employees that yield more accurate review ratings leading to better performance results.

  • Help to create an ongoing Performance Management culture than just making a yearly event.

  • Succession planning for employee development and creating leadership pipeline.

  • Manage simple to advance level of performance management process through a single platform.

Key features:
Performance Cycle

Create multiple performance appraisal cycle based on company policy.

Performance Management

Create simple goal based, KRA/KPI based or competency based performance management for employees.

Performance Review

Create Quarterly, Half yearly or yearly Performance review cycle based on the company policy.

Training Need Analysis

During Performance appraisal discussion, discuss and record the training requirements for employees.

Employee Promotion

Based on performance rating, nominate employees for promotion and assigning higher roles and responsibility.

Compensation Planning

Based on the rating and budget assigned plan and build performance based increment and retention plan.

Offer Management

Send offer letters to candidate through system; keep track of offer acceptance and rejection for all offered candidates.

Candidate Management

Once candidate is offered, Manager and HOD’s can view the offered candidates list and they will be intimated for all the updates about their joining. Manager can put their IT requirement and Admin related requirements to respective departments through system.