EMGAGE People Management Module helps you to manage the complete Employee life cycle management right from Employee On-boarding, managing their leave and attendance, confirmation process, Transfer, promotion and Separation process. With full customization and integration facility, EMGAGE helps to reduce your burden by streamlining HR administrative processes, keeping critical information organized and secure.

  • Single platform for managing all your employee life cycle.

  • Help you to avoid duplicate entries, centralize your employee database and ensures comprehensive and accurate employee data.

  • Automate Leave, Attendance, Timesheet, Confirmation, Promotion, Transfer and Exit process.

  • Helps to establish transparent work culture in the organization, improves employee experience and better communication process.

Key features:
Employee Records

All employee information is available on a single platform and easily accessible.

Employee Self Service

Complete transparency to employees about their Leave, attendance, HR policies, Pay slips without any HR intervention.

Organization Structure

Real time Organization structure available on click of a button.

Transfer, Promotion, Separation

Manage all employee life cycle change management like Transfer, Promotion and separation online. Track history of all employee movements within the organization. Fully automate resignation to Full & Final settlement process.

Leave & Attendance

Employees can apply leave online, get approval online. View real time attendance logs online, correction and regularization request for attendance. Leave & attendance system linked to payroll system.

Task & Timesheet Management

Create and assign task, track the status of task assigned. Get daily reports against task assigned, effectively do the project management and mitigate the risk.

Probation & Confirmation Management

Generate list of employees due for confirmation, initiate online confirmation process, track the status of confirmation and analyze the trend of how many employees successfully completes probation.

Claims & Travel Expense Management

Submit claims and travel expenses online, attached required documents and get online approval. Apply for advance travel amount for planned travels, and put travel request online.

Employee Suggestions

All employee information is available on a single platform and easily accessible.

Ticketing Module

Employee can raise their concerns to specific department online and track the progress of the request