EMGAGE payroll management module eliminates errors in the payroll process and eliminates excessive effort involved in put calculating employee hours, wages and tax withholdings. Payroll module helps you to manage and process thousands of payroll data in a click of a button with 100% accuracy. Using payroll software allows the business to compile reports at whatever pace they desire.

  • Eliminate human errors ensure better accuracy and statutory Compliance through system.

  • Single platform to manage all employee related expenses, track expenses versus approved budget.

  • Generate all statutory compliance report and payroll register through click of button.

Key features:
Payroll Processing

Manage multi location employee salaries from a central system. Process thousands of payroll data within minutes.

Employee Benefit Administration

Create employee benefits grade wise and manage different perks and benefit for different set of employees.

Salary Structures

Create CTC or gross based structures for employees as per company policy. Manage multiple salary structure grade wise or salary range wise.

Compliance Management

Manage all your Compliance like PF, PT, ESIC, LWF, Gratuity, TDS for multi location.

Income Tax calculator

Employees can send the IT declaration form online, view their tax liability and tax deductions through system.