EMGAGE Learning & Development system builds the strength of your workforce. By carefully managing the employee learning process for both internal and external training, you will be better able to determine the best methods of developing your employees.

EMGAGE Learning & Development Module allows you to conduct online training need analysis, set training calendar, employee nominations, training attendance records and when the training is complete, you can measures course effectiveness through participant feedback and attendance analysis.

  • Identify competency gap for employee and create the learning opportunities for employees for being better prepared for future challenges

  • Create a career development plan for employees and demonstrate organization’s commitment to their employees.

  • Track employee training records and effectiveness of the training program and ROI of the training conducted.

Key features:
Training Need Analysis

Collect Training need analysis for employees from various sources, integrated with PMS and PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) process.

Training Calendar

Publish training calendar based on the training needs identified, auto updates and reminders about the training program to employees.


Invite nominations for training from employees, their managers and online approval by their HOD and HR Team.

Training Attendance Record

Keep track of training attendances and generate reports.

Training Feedback

Record Training feedback for each training conducted, measure the effectiveness of the trainer and training programs.